Acronym Update 06/17/08

It’s the last call for Windows XP….. last call…. this era of computer operating systems is coming to a close.

If you were planning on buying a new PC in the next few months and are used to that Windows 98 / 2000 / XP feel …. I’d advise you to order from Dell before 12 Midnight Wednesday night.   After 00:00 AM CT Thursday morning….. it will be too late.   Microsoft has agreed to publish security updates for XP for several more years, but when the clock strikes 12 on Thursday morning — GOOD LUCK finding a new computer with XP installed.

You can order by calling 1-800-WWW-DELL or ordering online at

From all that I’ve read, Vista will have a very short brand life.   Microsoft is already working on their next OS, code named Windows 7….. It could be released next year.

Of course, you could always order a Mac.  With prices starting at $599 for the Mac Mini desktop and $999 for the iMac desktop, you can’t go wrong there.  Save even more with a college student or teacher discounts.

Commencing countdown – engines on…