Macs Only Update 05-26-08

I’m sending out this Macs Only Update to my clients and friends who are  Mac users or are seriously considering becoming part of the Apple family….

My customers and readers relying on Windows are not getting this message 🙂 Ha, Ha Ha!

I stumbled upon a great FREE Mac application today called Tube TV. Do not confuse this with “The Tube” a television station operated by Time Warner – that played rock videos and focused on teens and 20-somethings. Tube TV is a small program that allows you to download You Tube videos directly to your Mac. With Tube TV there is no need to use precious Internet bandwidth each time you want to play something from You Tube. In the Preferences of Tube TV, you can set it to automatically convert the video for iPod (default setting … leave this alone even if you don’t have an iPod), iPhone or Apple TV. You can also have the program export the video to a playlist in iTunes so that you can watch it over and over again with ease. <<<< I recommend this.


When you launch Tube TV for the first time after installation, it will ask you to install a free ‘helper application’ called Perian. Do it! This is a module for QuickTime that aids with video conversion. After downloading, the install folder will open and you will see 3 files. Click on the Apple Menu in the upper left of your screen, and open System Preferences. Drag the file ending in .pref from the Perian install folder to your System Preferences panel.


UPDATE: 08/13/2010 — I no longer know if TubeTV is compatible with the latest version of Macintosh software. I know there are more current software programs for downloading YouTube videos to your Mac and if desired — export them to your iPod / iPhone / iPad.