Acronym Update 05-16-08 – Windows XP

Dear Readers and Clients,

The word on the street is that no new computers with Windows XP will be sold after June 30th.   There are a few exceptions to the policy, but Microsoft is adamant about enforcing the deadline.  I’ve told you before that current Windows XP users have nothing to worry about because Gates & Co.  have agreed to keep putting out software updates for several more years.  In fact, Microsoft just put out a MAJOR update for XP called SP3.   If your Windows updates are not processed automatically — go to from your INTERNET EXPLORER browser and download all recommended updates.   Do not do anything else on your computer while the updates are installing!!

Windows XP is actually a very stable operating system at this point.  It is still vulnerable to serious security issues, so you need an Anti-Virus package and Firewall (either software based or built into your router).  I still prefer the Macintosh OS X – current version 10.5 to anything Microsoft puts out.   Vista has been a total flop.  M.S. generally refers to a debilitating disease / condition.  However, in computer speak, the Vista product line from MS (Microsoft) has permeated through the computer world like a disease that just won’t go away.    Radio talk show host Tom Martino ( said on his program yesterday that “Windows Vista has been the BEST thing that ever happened for Apple.”    And I totally agree.    Apple’s customers just aren’t buying the iPods and iPhones anymore.   Their Macintosh computer line has gained significant market share in the past year.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is now out and costs only $150 for the Home and Student Edition.  This discounted package is open to all “home users” now, not just students and teachers.   Note:  The 2007 home and student version of Office for Windows also sports this functionality and costs $150.   I’ve been saying for a long time that Open Office and Neo Office are exceptionally adequate, FREE substitutes for paid versions of Office software….but if you or your child ABSOLUTELY NEED a Microsoft product….$150 is a small sacrifice compared to the $500 corporate versions of Office.  One Ben Franklin and one U.S. Grant…. go for it.

If for some reason you are still uninterested in buying a Mac, Dell’s Vostro computers are some of the few that still offer XP as an installed option.  Go to and click on Small Business.  You don’t have to own a small business to buy a Vostro.  Upon checkout, simply re-enter your name for the business name.  Currently for 2 days only, the Vostro 1500 laptop is on sale for $519.  It includes 2 GB of RAM.   At this price…..its worth buying 2!!!

Enjoy your weekend.