Acronym Update 05-12-08

Dear Readers and Clients,

Today’s topic:  BACK TO BASICS

As much as we all love to discuss the latest advances in technology……sometimes its CRUCIAL to review basic skills, procedures, and services.   Without the fundamentals of computers under your belt, you risk serious consequences and unexpected emergencies….

#1 I say this with passion:   If you are using a FREE e-mail account based on Yahoo Mail (including AT&T Yahoo DSL e-mail),  please consider signing up for a free Gmail account!!!   If you use Yahoo classic web mail or download mail to external software,  that is even more reason for you to change to Gmail.   Web mail is great…..but Yahoo Mail is just a nightmare.   If you access your Yahoo Mail account through external software such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail….you’ve noticed significant delays in sending mail over the past few months.   You deserve an e-mail account that is easy to operate…..   If you haven’t noticed any problems with your Yahoo Mail account recently….maybe you have been typing a vacuum.

#2  When opening attachments from e-mail or opening files from the Internet,  please SAVE them to a location WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT LATER if you plan to use it more than one time.     Often times you will be given the option to OPEN or SAVE it.   If you need to find it later, please choose SAVE.   If the only option is to open it or it opens automatically, save the file right away to a familiar location from inside the associated software application.

#3 STUDENTS (young and young at heart), Professors, and anyone who creates documents on the computer:   Print out a copy of each significant draft that you complete, and definitely print out your final copy ….. even if the recipient (ie. teacher, boss, editor) allows you to submit it to them electronically.   Printing on the other side of old documents for drafts is a great way to save paper and money.   Decent ink jet or laser paper is over $5 a ream now!!

That’s all for today my friends.   Acronym Updates are supposed to be short bursts of knowledge.  I will try to continue along this theme with another Update in a few days.