Acronym Update 05/02/08

Dear Readers,

I’m often asked where one can drop off an old computer or electronics item that has no value. Consider bringing it to one of these recycling events sponsored by the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority. Many of them take place in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

Many towns are participating in electronics recyling days in the very near future.

You can find the details here…

This is the list of towns that participate…
If you do not live in one of these towns, they will not accept your items.

Items they will accept:
Answering machines, camcorders, compact disc players, copiers, duplicators, electric typewriters, fax machines, hard drives, laptops, mainframe computers, mobile telephones, modems, microwave ovens, pagers, personal computers including monitors, keyboards and peripherals, printers, printed circuit boards, radios, remote controls, stereos, tape players, telephones and telephone equipment, televisions, testing equipment, transparency makers, uninterruptible power supplies , VCRs and word processors.

Have a great weekend!