Acronym Update 04-19-08

Dear Readers,

For your information:   A NEW option for purchasing a Mac.

Considering that Comp USA stores are history,  you are pretty much left with the Apple Store at one of 3 malls in Connecticut (WestFarms, Danbury, Stamford Town Center), ordering by phone or purchasing online  if you want to buy a computer made by Apple.

Apple does not allow their resellers to deviate from the MSRP by more than $5 on any product, so choosing where to buy your Mac is really about convenience and service.

One approach to buying that I’ve advised my customers to take in the past is to take a look at various computer models in local stores (Mac or PC), and then order your system from an online retailer (ie.  B&H Photo or J&R – both in New York).   They often will give you free shipping on large purchases and no sales tax will be charged on the item.   On a typical purchase of $1200, you would save $72 by using this method.   For many of you with a large sedan or SUV, that $72 would pay for a full tank of gas.

Buying in-store and paying the 6% premium (also known as sales tax) may be worth it depending on your needs, especially if you need to start using your new computer …… IMMEDIATELY.

Make the best of the weather wherever you are this weekend.