Acronym Update 03/08/08

Dear Readers,

Today’s topic: Human Interest

** Before I get to the Update — My Update from about one month ago was dead on about Blu Ray DVD players. Toshiba, the main producer and promoter of the HD-DVD technology, has withdrawn from the next generation DVD market. If you bought one of those $99 HD-DVD players WalMart was selling around Christmas time, it wasn’t a complete loss. Basically, you can think of that purchase decision as buying a DVD player that will up-convert your standard DVD’s to play on your new HD TV in full glory. Standard definition DVD’s will be around for many years to come, so if buying a $400 Sony Blu Ray DVD player isn’t in the cards for you…. a standard DVD player with an up-converting option is a great buy at a typical cost of $50 to 100**

This is a great website and one that will tickle the imaginations of those who wished I would tackle more human interest topics.

This site details the mission and adventures of Nancy Townsend and her husband Alan who travel all around the USA doing performances as Mother and Father Goose. They currently host about 5 large events per year. Nancy and Alan also raise their own pet ducks and geese. They provide very detailed information on how to raise your own domestic duck or goose. Honest truth….. this site thrilled me. I love ducks and would even consider owning one sometime in the future.

Spring forward,