Acronym Update 01-26-08

Dear Readers,

Today Topics:  Surge Protectors, Poland Spring Water

I would strongly recommend that  you replace any surge protectors (power strips) for your computer(s) and other electronic devices that are more than 5 years old.  In the past year I have seen more of these “multiple outlet strips” go bad than in the previous 9 years combined.  Some of these surge protectors may have been overloaded.  Others may have just died of “natural causes.”  Still…. if your computer was left unprotected and got “zapped” by a power surge — you are out of luck ….unless…..unless…. you have the original receipt that came with your surge protector and there was an insurance policy associated with it.  Many of the better models out there will insure you for $50,000 to $75,000 of damage.   How many of you actually have the proper documentation if you were to make such a claim?   Hmm…..the room is awfully quiet right now.  LOL (Laugh Out Loud)!!   How many of you know if your homeowner’s policy covers yours electronic gadgets in the event of a power surge?  Hmm…….I could hear a pin drop!!  How many of you know that a power surge can occur even when there isn’t inclement weather?  ….. It’s the honest truth!!

There are many brands that you could buy, but I would recommend APC or Belkin as top choices.   At a bare minimum, for your computer area, I would get an 8-outlet strip that has at least 4 outlets for large “transformer block” style plugs.   Expect to pay at least $20 – $30 for the surge protector.  Make sure it comes with insurance coverage.   Register it on on the manufacturer’s website, if required for warranty coverage.  Save the appropriate documentation and the receipt in your “computer file.”

This concludes the public service announcement portion of today’s Acronym Update.


Quick question:  How many people believe that Poland Spring water isn’t what it used to be?   Did you know that it is no longer bottled at the source?   Fact:  It is still “spring water” but bottled from a mixture from many springs in Maine.

Yours truly,