Success Is … (A Christmas Poem)

Dec. 23, 2007

I felt led to write this because of conversations (even some arguments) I’ve had recently with others on what a successful life really is. Some of these discussions contained elements such as: Did you know so and so is buying a house? I can’t believe he doesn’t want to buy ____________ ; surely he has the money. I want to have _________ just like they have.

To me, our own personal gifts (talents) and gifts we give to others are key factors in the quest for success. This whole theme ties in very nicely to the Christmas time of year.

Success Is…

Having more than you can possibly imagine and only using what you really need;
Being willing to share and reach out, even though it means you’ll have less;
Letting happiness come naturally — without faking it;
And Being told light shines from deep within you.

Not thinking that more stuff and more money will always make you happy;
Not a number with many zeros after it or how well you cheated on your taxes;
Not believing all problems will go away when you earn or obtain something;
And not being ungrateful because someone has more than you.

Jumping and dancing with joy because that’s what you feel inside;
And not because you’re in a dance club and/or high on drugs.

Serving others before yourself;
Seeing the lives you’ve changed, whether they thank you or not;
Knowing you have a purpose in life and living like it;
Demonstrating that even the smallest deeds can change and save lives.

The people you’ve helped;
The ones that you’ve fed;
The depressed that you’ve listened to;
The sad that you’ve hugged;
And the empty that you’ve filled.

Success Is …
Closer to you thank you think;
You don’t have to reach some level on a measuring tape to achieve it;
Because most TV shows, movies, magazines, and celebrities have no clue what it is;
Success is your impact on the world.

It’s your legacy;
Who and Whom you’ve served;
Loving until love wins out;
Giving because it’s the right thing to do;
Understanding that it’s not you against the world;
But you with like minded individuals who can give others,
A hand up without it feeling like a handout,
A moment to see true beauty within,
A chance to see that they too have a place and a part in this life.

Merry Christmas 2007!