Acronym Update 11/15/07

Dear Readers,

I thought this was an extremely relevant update because many of you are on the brink of buying a new computer for yourselves, a computer for the student under your roof, or will be considering such a purchase in the next year.   I’ve done my best over the past 3.5 years to put Macs in the best possible light, stating repeatedly that for most average computing needs (E-mail, Internet, word processing) the entire Apple lineup is worth looking at.  With that in mind, understand that basic computing is not all that Macs are good for.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Walter Mossberg (whom I consider one of America’s two eminent technology columnists) wrote an article entitled “Here’s a Mac FAQ If You’re Looking to Buy a Computer.”  His thoughtful piece expressed everything I wanted to answer for you about transitioning from a Windows system to Mac.   Here is a link:

Here is another link to a video of Mossberg explaining his article – 6 minutes. (also included in the 1st link) :

As always — I’m willing to answer any personal questions you may have.

Truly yours,