Words of Hope 11/06/07

Dear Friends,

This is a special ‘Words of Hope’ message that I feel called to share with you today…

Not all readers of The Acronym are getting this via e-mail, but I have chosen to send it to you personally because I think it delivers a message of truth in love that applies to you.  I know you are concerned about relationship issues and may have had some bad experiences in the past — even divorce.  I pray that what I share can bless you in a powerful way.  Please feel free to share this message with others who may be in the same season of their life.  If it helps you, I know it can be a light for them.

I want to start off by saying that God speaks to me. What? You can’t be serious! Oh I am and very. I would say to anyone who claims to be Christian that if God isn’t speaking to you — something is very wrong. In this scenario it is very possible that you have gone through the motions of religion all your life or for part of your life and thought this meant you really know Jesus. It doesn’t. Trust me, religion stinks!! If you’re going to church because you think you have to or stopped going because it became routine or a burden — you’ve missed the boat. If going to church on a regular basis is the entire essence of your spiritual life, your life is only 10% full. Think of this message as a life preserver….splash!

I started a volunteer assignment yesterday by helping a friend with her college application essays. She’s a good kid, but struggles with a broken heart from the past and is really searching for a purpose to live for. I was jostled awake in my sleep by God, through the the Holy Spirit, with an important message to share with this young woman and all others whom I think could benefit from it. God made it clear that the message also applies to me and my own life.  Here it is:

God knows you have a past and have done things that you’re not proud of. He knows that you’ve acted out sexually or inappropriately, perhaps a little or a lot. No one close to you may know what you did, but God knows. He doesn’t want to punish you. He wants to love you. Jesus, who was God in human flesh, wants to wrap is arms around you. The Lord will take your burden and relieve of you of this dead weight.   By holding on to this pain, it just creates doubt within you.  It becomes a barrier to progress. Jesus wants you to call on him and ask for a new life and a second chance.   (If you’ve done this before, continue to pray and fellowship with other believers!! Ask God to fill you with his never-ceasing presence.  Perhaps your tank is a little empty right now.) He wants you to know that you can have a virgin heart, no matter how wrong your behavior was.  You can be forgiven! This is God’s free gift to you.  It’s called GRACE.  There is nothing you have to do, no level you have to buy into, and certainly no recognition you have to obtain. Pray for God’s purpose and direction to be revealed to you…and it will be yours.

I hope these Words of Hope have touched you.  If you’re confused about what I’ve shared, e-mail me back.  Contact me. My lines of communication are always open.   If you’ve never heard something like this in your life, but wonder ‘Could this guy be right? What does it all mean?’  Don’t be shy.   Speak — I think now is your time to really live life like you’ve never done before.