Acronym Update 10/24/07

Dear Readers,

Are you still paying for your lousy AOL service? Hopefully, you are just paying for a BYOA plan (bring your own access), where you simply connect through your existing broadband or (snooze…..) other dial-up connection. You may be paying 9.95 / mo or 4.95 / mo for such privileges. I feel really bad for you if you are still paying for a full account at the whopping price of $25.90 per month.

Come to your senses: Connecticut residents can connect to the Internet at broadband speeds for $19.95/mo — with AT&T’s DSL Express offering. If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of the (not so) local phone company, you can enjoy DSL from a local provider — Netplex — at $24.95 per month. That’s $5 more than the comparable offering from AT&T, but remember dealing with Netplex is a friendly trip down Main Street. Dealing with AT&T, at times, can be like tumbling down Rodeo Drive in the New World Order. Pardon my humor……

What I’m trying to say is that either of these options is cheaper than full fare AOL. Whether you choose to migrate to DSL or already have a broadband connection, take comfort in the fact that AOL is now free. Yes, FREE! And…… you don’t have to deal with their nightmarish telephone customer support to make this change.

Simply click this website address

Click the ‘Free AOL’ plan. You will be asked to confirm your primary AOL screen name, password and some security information. The conversion to your free account will take place at the start of your next billing cycle.

If you already have other Internet access, such as a DSL or cable, you’re all set. If not, please contact me for help selecting the right Internet Service Provider for you. I am able to set up your DSL or cable Internet connection if you live in Connecticut. (Note: I do not deal with wiring issues.) The service I provide is far more customized, comprehensive, and cost effective than what the cable co. or phone co. will provide you with. If you give me the proper lead time I can order a modem for you. Alternatively, I can tell you where to order one so you will have it before our appointment.