Acronym Update 09/20/07

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1. J.D Power and Associates released their annual survey on broadband Internet. You can check out which companies had the best service in various areas of the country on your own, but what was surprising to me is that the average price of a broadband connection in the U.S. is $44.09 per month. Wow!! I thought with some of these low-ball DSL offers that have been floated around over the past 2 years, the average would be much less. Maybe the buying public isn’t as one dimensional as I thought…. See for yourself….

2. I may expand on this in a future edition of the print Acronym, but I just want to say that I wrapped up a very difficult adventure in troubleshooting with a customer recently. The customer was really great about the whole thing and handled the matter much better than I would have. However, their DSL provider was not playing on our side for most of this experience. My client really got the “buffet treatment” of Internet trouble. Every possible problem was included in this headache. Not only was the phone wire corroded going into the pole nearest to their house, but the phone wire going from the pole to their home was also defective. Their DSL modem needed to be replaced and their router which was given a manual IP address (a programming technique rarely utilized) by a Linksys representative from Mumbai had to be reset. Ultimately, we think now that the case is closed…but we are taking a wait and see attitude. What bothers me most is that I got actively involved in this matter on 9/3 and it was not finalized until yesterday. I have not seem something Internet related to this terribly wrong since AT&T Broadband (not to be confused with “the new at&t”) changed from @Home servers to their own servers in the fall of 2002. 2 points and a star for the day, if you lived through that and are still a Comcast HSI customer today.

3. Reader request: if any of you has a college student in the family majoring in computer science or perhaps a relative who is a Comp. Sci. professor — have them e-mail me. I’m looking to conduct an interview for a future edition of The Acronym about a very specific topic and it is one that I do not have much expertise in.

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