Acronym Update 09/13/07

Dear Friends,

I was going to write a very impassioned Update on Tuesday in remembrance of 09-11-01, but I know you folks only have so much time to read e-mails. These Updates are meant to be bursts of thought and information…not carbon copies of the print version of The Acronym. So I will summarize my feelings of remembrance into 3 main points:

1) I WILL NEVER FORGET (could be cliche, but so true)

2) About 9 months after 9-11-01, I became unemployed for a period of time due to health issues and was able to read constantly. One topic that I concentrated on was Islam. I  consider myself an “unaccredited scholar” in Islamic Studies. (I can hear you pounding your desk now.) I have met many Muslims over the years who tell me “you know more about my religion than I do.” I chuckle. LOL! If there are any questions you ever wanted to as about Islam, but were too shy to ask or short on time to see the local Imam — feel free to ask me.  Please understand that if subjective interpretation is called for, I will answer from a Christian, Biblical world view.

3) For all of the terror that the perpetrators of this event tried to cause, I believe that more good has come out “the day the world stopped” than bad.  No matter how much our public schools try to drain every ounce of patriotism from our children and discourage American pride, many youths (and you older birds..) truly felt like citizens of the United States of America for the first time on that day.  Whatever happened to “Out of many, ONE”, aka. known as E Pluribus Unum ?

I am an avid radio listener. Recently on WRDC 1360 AM, I heard a representative from HBO discussed a documentary they made in 2002, called “In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01” (Website: ) This film will be playing at the historic Bantam Cinema (Website: ) in Bantam, CT this Sunday, Sept. 16. @ Noon. One day only!! If you would like to see this film, you have to call and reserve your seat. Phone: (860) 567-1916. Note: A special presentation will be given by an artist who had a studio on the 91st floor of the North Tower.

And that’s about it. I am working on the October edition of The Acronym. Readers are entitled to submit a free, text-based ad in the print newsletter, similar to those you have seen this year, for your business or service. Please e-mail your ad to me or give me some basic info so that I can create one for you. Paid advertisements and sponsorship of an issue are also available to you.

Technically speaking,