Acronym Update 08/25/07

Dear Friends,

Here are few updates for you related to the world of personal technology…

A) AT&T (formerly Cingular, formerly Cingular and AT&T Wireless, formerly 13 different companies before the 2000 merger which created Cingular…including the old SNET Wireless of Connecticut, formerly LYNX — I’ll stop. I’m really dating myself here!!) announced that it is upgrading and expanding wireless (cell phone) coverage in Connecticut. They are adding new radios to existing towers to improve data transmission and also building new towers. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but cellular towers are not the mammoth beasts that they used to be. They have a much smaller form factor and are designed in a way to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Here is the full scoop:

2) A college bound student from New Jersey (I believe) has dissected Apple’s iPhone and programmed it so that it can be used with T-Mobile service. Please note: I will not be doing this! It’s a really delicate job and it’s clear that this young man has surgeon’s hands. Apple has an exclusive 5-year contract with AT&T, for their GSM based iPhone. T-Mobile is the only other post paid GSM provider in the U.S.A. Sorry Verizon and Sprint users, a properly “hacked” iPhone will not work on your service. I do not have an iPhone, nor am I a subscriber of AT&T’s wireless services, but I think the new iPhone has some fundamental flaws including (but not limited to): a battery that has to be replaced by mail order if it should go bad.

See a pictorial and written evidence of George Hotz’s iPhone unlocking journey:

Enjoy your last full weekend of August ’07,