Acronym Update 08/13/07

Dear Friends,

The August 2007 print edition of The Acronym is online at

Please feel free to send that link to anyone whom you think would be interested in my services or the newsletter. The Acronym has opened many doors for me in the past and I eagerly look forward to publishing it in the future.

Today’s topic: I’m not the only one who says Windows XP isn’t dead!!!

I’ve pointed out over the past few months that (if you have to buy a PC with Windows), you can still find new systems with Windows XP. Yes indeed! If you have have an XP based machine that doesn’t have any HARDWARE problems, you’re not on the verge of obsolescence. Just make sure you do your Windows Updates or have these set to download automatically in Control Panel. You should be just fine. Don’t go changing……. for right now, the computer world loves you just the way you are….

(Putting down my karaoke microphone) An article I just read in PC World magazine,135848/article.html#

backs up what I am saying. Microsoft has authorized a whole new batch of Windows XP installation keys (those tedious codes that you have to type in whenever you install a piece of purchased software, like VXTGB … blah, blah… you know the routine). Therefore, it will be possible to purchase new machines with XP for at least a few more years. Microsoft has already said they would support XP with security updates until 2014.

Have a jazzy day,