Acronym Update 06/30/07

Dear Friends,

Here it is folks, the last update for June….

I hope these short bursts of data give you food for thought in regards your digital life and life in general. I know it will be tough to top the June print edition of The Acronym, but I’m already brainstorming on the August issue. Today actually marks the 10th year that I’ve been in business. For those of you who known me for all of that time or for the bulk of that time, you know that there were struggles along the way, but that I am an overcomer and now, a beacon of light to the dark world we live in. Thank you for all of it.

Today’s Topic: BEWARE of suspicious e-mail notifying you of e-cards (electronic greeting cards) sent to you by someone you know (supposedly). Any legitimate service like Blue Mountain, Hallmark or American Greetings (Yahoo Greetings) will clearly state who the sender is and give you a web address that looks legitimate. If they are asking you to click on a website with a numerical address (aka. IP address) do not do it. I have been working with Mac based and Linux based PC’s all week, and I did not have any problems, but I know most of you are using Windows — and these SPAM messages could cause real problems for you. Some abnormalities in the wording of these emails give them away. For instance, I could tell that they were typed by someone versed in British English and not American English.

Wishing us at least 10 more together,