Acronym Online Update (05/06/07)

Acronym Online Update. May 6, 2007.

Today’s Topic: Remembering Elvis

I received a 2-CD set, titled “The Essential Elvis Presley,” in the mail last week. There are many great Elvis compilations that have been released over the years, but I did not own one and since this collection was released in 2007 —> I sprung for it. There are 40 songs in total, spanning Elvis’ entire career. The first couple of songs on CD #1 even date back to his early days at Sun Records, including the song that started it all for “The King,” “That’s All Right” (1954). Also found on “The Essential Elvis Presley” are songs from some of his most memorable movies: “Viva Las Vegas” from the motion picture with the same title and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” from “Blue Hawaii.” The 2-CD set includes my two personal Elvis favorites, “Always On My Mind” and “If I Can Dream.” Overall, I was very impressed with the depth of this “greatest hits” collection. I should note that some of the recordings were taken from live performances.

Even though Elvis died a few years before I was born, I am a HUGE fan. His talents span multiple genres, from teeny-bopper pop song, to movie soundtrack number, to love ballad, to gospel song, and even a song or two with a disco beat (such as “Moody Blue” at the end of his career). I can remember renting the movie “This is Elvis” from Blockbuster nearly 10 times when I was between 10 and 12 years old. Elvis’ long time manager, Col. Tom Parker, was involved with the production of this film. To date it remains one of the more accurate portrayals of Presley’s life. Since DVD replaced VHS tape as the media of choice for movies, I have looked for “This Is Elvis,” but kept coming up empty handed because I found it was never released on DVD. I have come to find out that on July 31st of this year, a special Elvis DVD boxed set will be released in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of his death. Supposedly, it will include “This Is Elvis.” For those of you who are old enough to remember, can you believe its been 30 years? Wow!!

If you have read this post and are just “All Shook Up” over Elvis, here are a few links to where you can buy a few recommended Elvis CD’s and DVD’s that will bring back those “Memories” once again. “Don’t Be Cruel!” Buy your entertainment media from a local business like They ship right from Wallingford, CT, often on a same-day basis if the item is in stock.

Kevin’s Elvis Recommendations:

The Essential Elvis Presley (2-CD set reviewed in the blog post)

Elvis Ultimate Gospel (CD released March 6, 2007)

Elvis – Aloha From Hawaii DVD (Video of memorable 1973 concert broadcast ’round the world. 25 songs.)

Blue Hawaii (1961) DVD (A bargain at $7.05)

Viva Las Vegas (1964) DVD (Considered one of Elvis’ “better” movies. Co-starring Ann-Margret.)

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You’re “Always On My Mind,”