Acronym Online Update (03/05/07)

AT&T DSL E-mail Server Change

AT&T DSL, a.k.a. AT&T Yahoo DSL, is one of the most popular broadband internet service providers in Connecticut and the entire USA. I won’t make any critical comments about this ISP today, but will actually praise them for taking steps to prevent SPAM and improve your e-mail experience. They have changed the names of the servers their customers should to retrieve their messages. FYI: YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT CHANGING. If it was or before, your “legacy” address is still in effect. Do not panic!

However if you use a local e-mail client, such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Outlook, or Apple Mail (those are the major ones) to download your mail on your computer, YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE THESE SMALL CHANGES TO CONTINUE RECEIVING YOUR MESSAGES. I am going to provide basic instructions here for Outlook Express, because that is the client most widely used by my customers. (I am not saying it is the best client by any means.) FYI, if you only check your AT&T DSL account via the web by logging into Yahoo mail: this server change does not apply to you.

1. Click on the Tools menu in Outlook Express.
2. Click on Accounts.
3. Click on the Mail tab.
4. Select your AT&T Yahoo DSL email account and click on the Properties button.
5. Click on the Servers tab.
6. Verify these settings:
For “My incoming mail server is a ____ server,” the field contains POP3.
The Incoming mail (POP3) and Outgoing mail (SMTP) fields contain the correct mail server settings. THIS IS WHERE YOU MAKE CHANGES!
Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
The Account name field contains your full AT&T Yahoo! email address (e.g.,,,, etc, etc.)
The box next to Log on using Secure Password Authentication is NOT checked.
* The My server requires authentication box is checked.
7. Click on the Advanced tab.
8. Verify these settings (YOU WILL MAKE CHANGES HERE TOO!)
* Under Outgoing mail (SMTP) should be port 465 and the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked.
* Under Incoming mail (POP3) should be port 995 and the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked
9. Click OK.
10. Click Close.

If you are using an alternate software program to retrieve your messages, please e-mail me and I will send you the instructions. For your reference, these new settings can be verified on the AT&T DSL help page. NEW AT&T Servers

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for another Update later this week with a link to a free download from Microsoft to prepare your computer for the Daylight Savings Time change that takes place on Sunday, March 11. Most of your computers are not equipped to deal with DST this year because the US Goverment is forcing a change of the clocks earlier this year to “save energy.” Trust me, next year I’ll still be paying close to $300 per month for natural gas…. but that’s another discussion. Regardless, you will need to download the DST fix so your PC will render the date and time properly after 03/11/07. Windows and Mac instructions will be provided. If you have not done so already, please add my business e-mail address to your address book,  so these updates don’t get blocked as SPAM.

Your Consultant – In – Chief,