Acronym Online Update (03/01/07)

Correction from Acronym Online Update (01/05/07):

After reviewing updated information on the DTV (digital television) transition, I want to make the following clarification. If you have an analog TV (not SDTV or HDTV) and only subscribe to an analog cable package (meaning you don’t have a digital cable box attached) there is nothing in the DTV law preventing you from continuing on like this after February 17, 2009. The only situation that could affect cable customers is if your provider alters its menu of packages in such a way that the very popular “Expanded Basic” analog package is no longer available and you are forced to choose from basic service (approx. 20 channels) for $10 to $15 a month or various levels of digital service starting at about $60 per month with a digital cable box included. Cable providers have not forced their hand in doing this yet, but some Wall Street analysts have recommended this change to increase profitability and adaption of digital offerings.

In the 01/05/07 post, I emphasized that customers who subscribe to direct-to-home satellite, such as DirecTV or DISH, would not feel much affect from this. This is still the case. The only ones that will be impacted dramatically are those who do not subscribe to any paid TV at all and watch via over the air broadcasts with an internal or external antenna. The US government will provide you with up to two $40 vouchers for digital to analog converters, if you do not plan on buying a digital television before the shut off date. The expected street price of these converters is $50 to $75 each.

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