Acronym Online Update (02/02/07)

It’s You Tube, Entertainment When You Want It

While I still don’t find much practical use for the website, I do think another iconic web destination does merit your attention –

In a nutshell, You Tube allows users to upload and view videos through their web browsers at no cost. Some of these videos are home movies or projects by aspiring film students. You may also find clips from major motion pictures or TV shows (old and new) that people have transferred from a digital video recorder, (ie. TiVo).

I really like this site because there is something for everyone. I also am not embarrassed to recommend it because I think that it is monitored for pornographic content. I wish the brass at could do the same. Yes there are some videos on You Tube that seem silly, stupid, or even in poor taste. For example, you can find many short segments of the 1990’s hit MTV cartoon show – Beavis and Butthead. If teenage humor is not your thing, try searching for “All In The Family” and you’ll find precious moments from that hit show of yesteryear. This is probably far more appealing to the over 50+ crowd than “B & B.” You’ll also be able to find footage of presidential speeches and your favorite late night talk shows (ie. Leno and Letterman). among other areas of interest.

Since this is Super Bowl XLI (that’s 41 if you don’t know your numerals) weekend, I thought I would tie this discussion of You Tube into the big game.

For those of you who can remember, there was a skit on Saturday Night Live that ran from 1991 to 1997 called “Bill Swerski’s Superfans.” Usually it featured a group of men dressed in Chicago Bears (one of Sunday’s Super Bowl teams) clothing sporting bushy mustaches like former Bear’s coach Mike Ditka. These fans were obsessed with Coach Ditka and always exaggerated about their beloved Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls (basketball team). When I was a kid I got a huge chuckle out of this because it was very unique comedy and also because I am part Polish. Chicago has a very large Polish immigrant community. The “Superfans” really play the part of native Chicagoans very well by speaking in their dialect by over-emphasizing the “s” at the end of words and turning a “th” into a “d.” Enjoy this sketch from 1991 by clicking the link below.

Bill Swerski’s Superfans

(UPDATE: Broken link. Sorry. You Tube has removed this video.)

If that video played for you, then the Flash Player in your browser is still up to date. If you cannot play it, you’ll need to download the latest version (free). Try this…

And now for the Super Bowl prediction from this sports fan….. (changing into “Chicagoland Kev”). “Well my friendsh…. I think Chicago is going to run roughshod over the competition. I hope you enjoy this contestsh with some fine non-alcoholic beersh, nachosh, and some of that great Polish sausage. Final score: Bearsh 49, Coltsh 23 (tweny-tree).”

Logging off,