Acronym Online Update (11/11/06)

Happy Veterans Day to all brave men and women who have served our country! Your sacrifice, past and present, is the reason we can prosper in a state of freedom envied by the entire world.
Microsoft’s (iPod Killer) Zune portable music player will be released on Tuesday. After reading an article from Forbes, I gather that it would probably be better to receive a lump of coal for Christmas than a Zune. Read the story by David M. Ewalt by clicking here. It’s no surprise to me that the Zune will not be in tune with electronics shoppers’ needs. The list of portable media players that have been slain by the mighty iPod in the past 5 years is quite long. Note to Creative Technology —> focus on products that SELL. If there was a better product in this category on the market, I would be sure to let you know. Don’t be a goon, buy an iPod from the Apple Store or an authorized retailer for that special someone on your gift list this year.